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Zambian SMEs are invited to become PEPZ verified suppliers

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About the portal

A PEPZ Business Linkages Programme initiative funded by UKaid


Local challenge

There is a strong commercial case for large national and international corporations in Zambia to purchase locally. Local trade can shorten import dependent supply chains; reduce costs through cheaper local suppliers and transport; enhance local brand perception; indirectly create more jobs; and improve carbon footprint.

Despite these potential benefits, corporations often depend on international supply chains because many local SMEs have not been able to meet their supply needs and trade expectations.


Local solution

This Portal strengthens the relationships between local SME suppliers and large corporations and provides an opportunity for mutually beneficial trade partnerships.

It offers a platform for like-minded, forward-thinking corporations doing business in Zambia to actively engage with local suppliers they can depend on to deliver. 

Local SMEs gain access to buyers from large corporations. They get the support they need to meet large order requirements and do business to the standards expected by national and international corporations.


Register as an SME supplier

Zambian SMEs are invited to become PEPZ verified suppliers

  • Gain access to an expanding database of buyers from large Corporations trading in Zambia
  • Have the opportunity to win large contracts that could transform your business
  • Be able to view and pitch for Corporate tender documents
  • Be able to view procurement policies and guidelines of Corporate buyers
  • Become large contract ready, with technical assistance and business support from PEPZ
  • Benefit from greater brand visibility through the powerful PR opportunities created


To become a PEPZ verified supplier you will need to submit

  • A scanned copy of your PACRA Certificate of Incorporation
  • A scanned copy of a valid ZRA Tax Clearance Certificate
  • A document that contains three reference letters of significant trade contracts your business has fulfilled. Each reference should at least include a date of fulfillment, products or services fulfilled, volume fulfilled, company supplied and referee contact details.

Register as a corporate buyer

Zambian corporations are invited to register their interest

  • Gain access to an ever expanding database of screened suppliers capable of meeting your contract needs and expectations
  • Enjoy simplified, centralised and efficient dissemination of tenders and procurement policy documents
  • Benefit from reduced transport costs
  • Gain access to local products likely to be cheaper than imported products
  • Shorten your supply chain and get your products to market faster
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility commitment and improve the perception of your brand
  • Join a prestigious group of current corporate members

About the portal

Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ)

Funded by UKaid, PEPZ is strengthening the capacity of Zambian micro, small and medium enterprises in order to help diversify the Zambian economy and create jobs


Business Linkages Programme (BLP)

BLP has is being implemented under PEPZ to strengthen the relationship between local SME suppliers and large corporations through supplier development programmes and the matchmaking of buyers and suppliers


Zambia B2B Portal

Implemented under the BLP, the Zambia B2B portal seeks to increase trade between local SME suppliers and large corporations through the creation of a database of suppliers and buyers and the provision of electronic tools to enable buyers to submit tender information and receive bids from suppliers


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